Hello, I’m Jonathan Perez, and this here’s my blog. I’m a software engineer by trade. In addition to running this sparsely populated blog, I run a hobby cryptocurrency site, a political website, a movie review site (for my meetup group), and am in the midst of working on a programmatic advertising solution.

I’ll be writing about random stuff. Really random stuff. Things like web development / tech, origami, cooking, ideas about how to manage software engineers and what makes a good work culture, etc.

For fun, I do all sorts of things. I love board games. There are so many; it’s a wonder I’d never heard of anything other than Monopoly when I was growing up. I also enjoy video games, like League of Legends / Overwatch. I’m a fan of drawing, writing, crafts (hence the origami mention above), photography, and more. I read too many manga / webtoons. I go to a bunch of social events in NYC. In a given week, you can find me at the Moviepass meetup I host.